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Eyebright Tea Loose Leaf Organic 125g

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Eyebright has small, scallop-edged white flowers with yellow spots and a black centre, somewhat resembling a bloodshot human eye. Historically, eyebright's use for eye problems was due to the Doctrine of Signatures, a 16th century theory that held that a plant’s appearance indicated the conditions it could treat. Eyebright has been traditionally used to treat all manner of eye maladies including inflammation, conjunctivitis, red-eye, styles, itchy eyes, stinging eyes and weak vision. Eyebright is a tonic, astringent and anti-inflammatory. Commonly used to heal the eyes, nose and throat. To treat the respiratory system, hay fever, colds, sinusitis and excess mucous. Eyebright has very little odor, but does have a very characteristic bitter and astringent taste.

Country of Origin: Bulgaria