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Nutralife Lysine 1200mg 60 tablets

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If you’re someone who battles cold sores every so often, there’s no question that when one strikes, you want to find fast and effective relief. Cold sores are not only annoying as they do tend to make you very self-conscious about your appearance but in addition to that, they can be downright painful as well.

The typical run of a cold sore is about 7-10 days, with some people recovering more quickly and others seeing things drag out even longer. Fortunately, though, there is help. You don’t have to suffer any longer.

Not only can you shorten the duration of a cold sore when it strikes, but you may just be able to help avoid it in the first place. The secret? Lysine.

Lysine is a particular amino acid that helps with preventing the formation of cold sores so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

When you use Lysine 1200 mg Tablets by NutraLife, you’ll receive:
Accelerated rates of healing of cold sores already present. You will find that you cold sore doesn’t persist as long and the severity of it is decreased when you use this formula upon breakout.

Reduced frequency of cold sore development if you choose to take the product for maintenance support. Often one of the biggest reasons why people suffer from cold sores is because they are consuming too much arginine (which triggers cold sores) and not enough lysine. By switching your ratio around, you get the support you need to avoid them.

Improved absorption of calcium in the body, which can help support strong bone growth and development. This is another great benefit that lysine has to offer.
Increased collagen production, which can also help to keep your skin, hair, and nails looking their best.

The body is unable to produce Lysine on its own, which is why it becomes very critical that you are getting it through your diet plan or supplementation. As most people are not consistent with their diets, supplementation is usually the most reliable approach.

In every serving of Lysine 1200 mg Tablets by NutraLife, you’ll receive:
1200 mg of the highest quality of Lysine
No unwanted gluten
No animal products and dairy
No artificial flavours or sweeteners
Just pure Lysine to help you control your cold sores fast
Don’t be in pain and discomfort any longer. Get Lysine 1200 mg Tablets by NutraLife on your side.