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MiEco Dental Floss Bamboo Charcoal In Glass Dispenser (30m)

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100% biodegradable

Plant based

Activated Charcoal

Reusable glass bottle


Zero Waste

Vegan Friendly

30 Metres

Mint Flavour

How Bamboo Charcoal Floss is Made

MiEco Dental Floss are made from natural charcoal bamboo fibres, Candelilla wax, and peppermint essential oils, which gives them a very mild mint flavour. These bamboo dental floss refills are vegan friendly and completely biodegrade in your compost bin in roughly 6-12 months.

Once you have finished your 30 metres of biodegradable dental floss in the glass jar, you can purchase MiEco bamboo tooth floss refills and pop them into the same glass jar dispenser.

The activated charcoal in the tooth floss have powerful toxin-clearing properties, which has proven to remove stains like plaque, red wine and coffee on your teeth. The activated charcoal fibres are soft between your teeth, and won’t scratch off any enamel.