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King Island Colloidal Minerals 200ml

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King Island Colloidal Minerals supply the body with a wide range of 68 readily absorbable trace minerals, often lacking in the modern diet. Colloidal Minerals also enhance the availability of nutrients from foods, vitamins and other supplements.

What are colloidal minerals? They are minerals of a minute particle size, present in solution. This highly soluble state enables the minerals to be easily absorbed by the body’s cells.

Colloidal Minerals are created by plants, which absorb minerals from the soil and convert them into water soluble colloidal state. Today’s crops, vegetable, and animal feeds are often grown in mineral depleted soils, therefore our food is lacking in many trace elements.

King Island’s pristine location, topography and geography has led to the creation of ancient plant deposits, which contain a wide spectrum of Colloidal Minerals produced in a natural balance.

A unique cold water process has been developed by King Island Produce to extract these Colloidal Minerals.

No damaging heat, harsh solvents or acids are used.

Typical Analysis mg/L.

Minerals listed as trace are present in quantities no greater than 0.005ml/L

Aluminium 80.00

Antimony trace

Arsenic trace

Barium 0.030

Beryllium 0.012

Bismuth trace

Boron 0.200

Bromine 0.516

Cadmium <0.0001

Calcium 100.0

Cerium trace

Caesium trace

Chlorine 8.800

Chromium 0.010

Cobalt 0.240

Copper 0.100

Dysprosium trace

Erbium trace

Gadolinium trace

Gallium trace

Germanium trace

Gold trace

Harnium trace

Holmium trace

Indium trace

Iodine 0.017

Iron 28.00

Lanthanum 0.340

Lead 0.040

Lithium 0.018

Lutetium 0.016

Magnesium 54.00

Manganese 6.000

Mercury trace

Molybdenum trace

Neodymium trace

Nickel 0.100

Niobium trace

Osmium trace

Palladium trace

Phosphorus 0.050

Plantium trace

Potassium 2.500

Praseodymium 0.084

Rhenium trace

Rhodium trace

Rubidium trace

Ruthenium trace

Samarium trace

Scandium trace

Selenium 0.052

Silicon 1.800

Silver trace

Sodium 130.0

Strontium 2.200

Tantalum trace

Tellurium trace

Terbium trace

Thallium trace

Thulium trace

Tin trace

Titanium 0.040

Tungsten trace

Vanadium 0.010

Ytterbium trace

Yttrium trace

Zinc 0.800

Zirconium trace