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DIY Recipe Minty Fresh Toothpaste Recipe - please print yourself

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Minty Fresh Toothpaste Recipe (only 3 ingredients)
  1. Slightly warm coconut oil.
  2. Place all three ingredients into a jar or bowl and mix until fully combined.
  3. Transfer toothpaste to a small jar and cover tightly with lid.
Scoop out a tiny bit of toothpaste each time you brush your teeth. If sharing this toothpaste with multiple people, you may want to have a designated toothpaste scoop so multiple brushes do not contaminate the toothbrush or put the toothpaste into separate jars for each user. Also, be careful not to get water into your toothpaste, as that can encourage bacterial growth.
I add Bicarb Soda (for extra clean teeth) and Bentonite Clay (it remineralises your teeth instead of using fluoride).
This article is written by a dentist giving you reasons to make your own toothpaste as well as ingredients you should add and the ones you should avoid.  It doesn't actually have a recipe but I found it helpful.
Just for your info, I tentatively told my dentist that I'd stopped using commercial toothpaste and braced myself for a lecture on why we need fluoride.  He was actually really supportive and the only concern he had was that I was missing out on the remineralising properties of fluoride.  When I told him that I add Bentonite Clay to my toothpaste for that purpose he was satisfied that my teeth were getting what they needed.  He said my teeth have never looked better and I've noticed that they're much whiter.