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Cacao Paste Organic - Pure Bitter Chocolate (choose size)

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Country of Origin: Peru

Pure bitter chocolate (ground cacao beans)
Cacao paste is produced by grinding the Cacao Nibs to a smooth, liquid state. Cacao Paste is also know as Cacao Liquor, unsweetened chocolate, baking chocolate or bitter chocolate. In Canada and Europe, other names include Cocoa (Cacao) Mass and Cocoa Liquor. (Despite its name there is no alcohol present). During the manufacture process the cacao paste is liquefied and thus is called liquor, however afterward solidifies and becomes pure bitter chocolate great for confectionary or for manufacturing sweeter forms of chocolate by blending it with Cacao Butter and a sweetener.

Make your own artisan raw chocolate by blending Cacao Paste and Cacao Butter and sweetening with Agave Syrup or Coconut Sugar. Enjoy this Aztec and Mayan superfood obtained from premium quality Cacao Beans organically grown in their land of origin.

Cacao Paste has a great advantage over cacao powder for making chocolate - it will stay solid at room temperature.  You can make chocolate using cacao paste, cacao butter and a sweetner of your choice.  This chocolate will stay solid at room temperature.  When chocolate is made using cacao powder instead of cacao paste, it needs to be kept in the fridge as it is softens at room temperature.