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Bee Green Beeswax Wraps Lunch Box Set

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Includes a large wrap for sandwiches, bread rolls etc and a snack bag wrap. that can be folded to make a pouch for chopped fruit, veggie sticks, crackers, nuts, baked treats or bliss balls.

The first picture is for example of use only.  There are 3 designs to choose from - fruit, vegetables & honeycomb - see next pictures.  Please indicate your choice in the 'comment section' of your order.

How to use

Bee Green Wraps will stick to itself. Simply fold around food items as you would with cling film, or over storage containers (such as bowls) and using the warmth of your hands mould the wrap to create a seal. You can also use them to make a bag or pouch. Fold a wrap in half, and fold the edges over twice to form a seal. For a larger bag use two of the same sized wraps, folding three edges over to create a pocket, fill, and then fold over the top of the bag in the same way to make it airtight. This is a great idea for storing loose-leaf lettuce or baby spinach leaves in the fridge.

Good for you, good for the planet!

Bee Green Wraps were created out of a desire to provide an affordable alternative to plastic cling film and plastic zip-lock bags. Not only does this solve an environmental problem, but they eliminate the need to wrap your food in petro chemicals. Yuk.

Hand crafted by humans

Bee Green Wraps are proudly handmade in Australia (by humans) and not only promote a plastic free environment, but healthy homes and healthy lunchboxes. They are perfect for keeping ‘real food’ fresh. The wraps are made by infusing natural fibers with a special blend of Australian beeswax, tree resin and certified organic jojoba oil. Bee Green Wraps are versatile, mouldable, strong and water resistant but best of all they are re-usable! They are perfect for storing/covering/wrapping fruit, veg, garden produce, nuts, sandwiches, cheese, bread, crackers and fermented foods in your lunchbox, fridge or pantry.

Enjoy responsibly

We are proud to have a product that is Australian owned, Australian made and has virtually zero wastage. Even our packaging is printed in Australia on recycled card with environmentally friendly ink and foiling. The only thing left over from the whole process is the thin cotton selvedge (edge of the fabric) which is genuinely biodegradable and added to a compost heap.


Bee Green Wraps can last up to a year depending on care and use. For wraps that are used heavily expect less. Taking good care of your wrap will extend its life. Protect wraps from heat sources such as the oven, microwave, dishwasher, prolonged full sun on a hot day – or anything hot enough to melt wax. Beeswax melts at around 62-62°C, but it begins to soften before getting to that temperature. Not recommended for raw meat, liquids or foods that are still hot. Some staining may occur when they come in contact with brightly coloured foods such as beetroot.

After each use wash your wraps in cold water with a mild detergent. To remove dried on food don’t pick it off, but leave the wrap to soak for a few minutes in cold water until the food is soft enough to wash away. After washing rinse, and lay somewhere flat, or drape over something to dry. Once dry, fold your wraps and store somewhere handy so they are ready to go next time you need them. If using the wraps to make a bag/pouch, don’t tear the bag open, rather unfold it as it was folded to reduce un-necessary wear. Bee Green Wraps have a naturally pleasant smell of beeswax. If they smell bad (like off food) this may mean they haven’t been cleaned adequately or the integrity of the wax has been breached and it has reached the end of its life. Washing thoroughly with detergent and drying should be enough, however, Bee Green Wraps can be sanitised with sanitising solutions that are designed to come in contact with food prep surfaces and storage containers. Although this is not recommended for everyday use, it is useful if you think your wrap may be contaminated in some way. Just remember the saying “when in doubt, throw it out”.

Beeswax never goes bad itself, but overtime with use, the protective wax coating on your wrap will be worn away. When your Bee Green Wrap has reached the end of its life you can dig a hole in your backyard and bury it – unlike plastic it will return to the earth without a trace.

Picking the right size

We have 8 different sizes including the sandwich wrap and snack bag, which come together in the lunch box set. Below are some suggestions of what each size is useful for. The wraps are hand cut and hand made in Australia by humans (not machines) so while we do our best to keep things consistent, there may be a slight variation in sizing ( plus or minus 10%). There are three pattern options for each size - have fun bringing more colour into your kitchen.