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Frequency H2O Alkaline Spring Water 600ml

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Frequency H2O is a naturally alkaline 8.25pH unfiltered and energized ‘live’ water. People are energizing their water kinetically around the globe with magnets or vortexes to obtain the benefits of fresher hydrogen-rich water, the equivalent of a live flowing alkaline spring or fresh mountain river water. As a fusion of science and art, we energized the water with Frequencies so you can drink the emotion, place or thing by using submerged vibrational technology and an art form known as cymatics which is vibration on matter.

In independent live blood analysis tests, results show Frequency H2O reduced signs of inflammation, reduced signs of oxidized stress and reduced the amount of aggregated red blood cells, within 10 mins of consuming.

Frequency H2O water source was voted Australia’s best tasting water in competitions in the United States and Japan in 2013/2014, our frequency infusion process increases the quality and taste. Providing a remarkable soft, ultra-hydrating taste feel and effect.

Frequency H2O hydrogen-rich water may improve your health by:

  • Neutralizing Acidic Tissue Waste
  • Assist With Eliminations Of Toxins In Your Body
  • Improved Skin And Hair
  • May Improved Joint And Muscle Pain.
  • Improved Sleeping Patterns