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Body of Nature Surf Zinc Vegan Palm Oil Free Dark 55g

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This brand is made in Tasmania and is natural, vegan and palm free, plus uses eco packaging.

Ingredients: Non-nano zinc, organic hemp seed oil, olive wax, organic oils of: macadamia nut, safflower, avocado and pumpkin seed. Candelilla wax, silica, absyssinian oil, natural vitamin E, iron oxide (yellow, red, brown, black).

This surf zinc does not have an SPF rating as the testing is very expensive.  I can however tell you that an SPF 30 has 24% Zinc Oxide and this product has 27%.  

Some info on SPF ratings in case you are unsure of using less than SPF50:
   The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) scale is not linear:

  • SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays
  • SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays
  • SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays

So, one way of looking at this is that SPF 30 sunscreen only gives you 4% more protection than SPF 15 sunscreen.