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Amchur Powder Organic 250g

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Made from dried green mango and used to add sourness to dishes.

A fine, off-white to pale grey powder made from dried, sliced green mangoes. Amchur has a fruity acidity reminiscent of lemon juice and is used predominantly as a souring agent in curries, in much the same way as tamarind. Amchur compliments fish and even adds a delicious tang to red meats when rubbed on with a little freshly ground black pepper before barbecuing, grilling or roasting.

Health benefits

Boosts digestion
Amchur powder combats acidity and boosts the process of digestion. It fights constipation and flatulence and ensures timely bowel movement. It is best to consume amchur powder regularly to improve your digestive tract and overall health. (Read: 9 home remedies for better digestion)

Aids in weight loss
Amchur powder is great for weight loss too. It contains antioxidants that boost metabolism and help in losing weight fast. It is also low in carbohydrates, which makes it an excellent ingredient for weight loss programmes.

Improves vision
Amchur powder can also be used for improving your vision. Add amchur powder to your dishes, it helps increase clarity and prevent eye disorders and cataracts.

Prevents cancer
Amchur powder will also protect your body from life-threatening diseases like cancer. It contains Vitamin C in abundance. It treats scurvy effectively and helps you recover fast. Mix some gud with amchur powder and consume it daily. Make sure you are taking this, first thing in the morning.

Promotes healthy skin
Surprisingly, amchur powder can also improve the texture of your skin. It cleanses the pores, removes dirt, oil and pollution leaving your skin healthy, young and beautiful.

Protects heart
Amchur powder also takes care of your heart. It improves your cardiovascular health, fights heart attacks and prevents heart failures or other diseases related to your heart health.

Produce of India packed in Australia.

Allergy Statement: Mango trees belong to the same botanical family as cashew trees.